How to Replace Hotspot TF/Memory Card

How to Replace Hotspot TF/Memory Card

Occasionally hardware issues arise. It appears your device has a small problem and we would like your help. Below are the steps needed to fix the issue. 

If you are not comfortable completing these steps please let us know by emailing

Step One - Unplug the power cable from the hotspot. The power is on the left side of this image below.

Step TwoPress the TF Card (second from the right in the image) IN using a finger nail or credit card, you will hear a click and it will pop out. 

Step ThreePress the TF card back in until it clicks into the original position.

Step FourEnsure the Antenna cable (on the right in the image) is securely in place and plug the unit back in.

Step FiveGive yourself a pat on the back, you are practically a technology expert now!

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